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Top 9 Best Christian Dating Sites In 2021

Top 9 Best Christian Dating Sites In 2021

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The internet is full of filth and finding a partner that fits you and understands your wishes and needs can be tough, especially in the 21st century. Sex is on our minds, at least for most people, and so are parties, drugs, and other “sinful” actions.

It is sometimes extremely tough to find someone who understands you and supports you spiritually. Finding another single Christian could be tough, as not all Christians who go to church on Sundays could be suitable dates. Some of them can be old, sinful, or not share the same, pure values as you do.

With the internet culture evolving, the dating culture follows. But you can’t just go to Tinder and other online dating services to find yourself a potential partner who understands you, can you? The answer is you can, of course.

But why would you? There are millions of simple and working Christian dating websites to help you achieve your goals and find your next special someone.

With Christian dating websites, it has never been easier to find a likeminded individual who understands and shares your love of God. Here are our picks for the top 10 Christian dating websites.

1. ChristianMingle

christianmingle homepage

If faith a deal breaker when you’re thinking about your perfect partner, ChristianMingle is the website you’ve been praying for. It is insanely hard to find a partner that shares your views on religion and understands your life choices.

ChristianMingle is completely free and is very easy to use even for people who aren’t used to online dating as a platform to find someone they can share their hopes and interests. The login screen is simple, and registration is very easy for newcomers.

It offers many fun features that can help you set your profile up, including your general location to best find suitable singles near you. It is 18+ like most of dating sites, but nudity is of course strictly banned, so you’re not going to find any filth here.

You’re very likely to find someone on this very fairly priced website. There are lots of members, but they’re mostly from North America. It is lovingly crafted to suit your needs and offers many choices when looking for a match. This is a great starting point, but you should never stick to only one website. Persistence is the key!

2. ChristianDatingForFree

christiandatingforfree homepage

Like the name itself implies, ChristianDatingForFree is a website that offers a well-designed platform that is completely free of charge! It sounds too good to be true.

That’s completely right. ChristianDatingForFree is one of the more populated websites, but don’t let that fool you. It’s strictly regulated and there are surprisingly little fake or dead accounts on it!

It offers all of the perks at once at no charge, but if you want to support them, you can! For a low fee of only 5$ a month, you can get rid of all the advertisement. The website is ad-supported, but that does not make the website slow. It’s simplistic and has a well-thought-out design, therefore it is lightning fast!

ChristianDatingForFree also comes with a mobile application that has many of the same perks as the website, offering you the choice to do your Christian mingling on the go; just don’t do it at church! It is an amazing starter website to suit all of your wants and needs.

3. ChristianConnection

christianconnection homepage

ChristianConnection is a great website for every Christian looking for a small and tight community of people looking to mingle. Are you looking for someone who understands your faith and love for the Lord? A privately owned all American website? It sounds too good to be true, but it is!

ChristianConnection is a community composed of all kinds of people in the USA, with very rich features and active members. Most of its members are here to establish romantic connections, but some are up for building strong bonds, friendships and even looking to get married!

It comes with a 3-day free trial once you finish the signup process, which is also extremely simple. It offers you an extremely detailed profile creation tool. You can use it to present yourself just the way you want. Sending messages to other users of this God-given website is free for all members, but it does limit you to five messages a day.

No good things in life come free, and neither does online dating. Premium memberships get you unlimited messages, priority among users, unlimited emails, and numerous other perks at a very reasonable price of 24USD a month.

A fun feature ChristianConnection offers you is the option to block users by hiding them, their posts and their messages from your page, and an option to make a little book of your favorite users. Whether you’re here to make a friend or to perhaps engage in a romantic relationship, it’s up to you!

4. ChristianCupid

christiancupid homepage

ChristianCupid belongs to the huge family of dating websites. Some of these websites cater to homosexuals, people from different countries, race-specific dating, so if you’re looking for an exclusive place made by Christians for Christians, this might not be the best place for you.

If you’re completely fine with what’s been stated above, that’s great! You’re in for a real treat. As it is a part of a big family of websites, it is tried, tested and proven to give you a professional, fun and effective experience that can fulfill all of your needs!

There are thousands of unique members, so you’re sure to find that special someone. The website is catered more to people who are looking for a date or a romantic relationship, but it’s not exactly Christian.

It offers denominations of Christianity and also other religions, so if you’re not into that, it’s completely fine. You can find other great Christian-owned and Christian-exclusive websites on this list.

Signing up is simple, but it does cost a small fee to get all of the benefits of this website. A big positive is that it offers you a choice to pick who you are looking for. Are you looking for friendships, dates, romantic involvements, or even marriage? ChristianCupid has got you covered!

5. ChristianCafe

christiancafe homepage

ChristianCafe is a great website that offers just what you’ve been looking for! A faith-based and wholesome environment for you to express yourself and find that potentially special someone. It offers a calm, chill, and collected environment that is catered to building connections, friendships, and relationships. It’s really for everyone!

It is a pay-to-use website, but it does offer you a free trial that lasts 7 days. It is meant to get you introduced to the website, but don’t share your contact information; it might get you banned!

As any pay-to-access website should, ChristianCafe prides itself on its customer support and cybersecurity. You’re guaranteed to never find an inactive or dead account here, and scammers are a thing of the past in the 21st century!

It has a big user base of over 100,000 different users and provides you with mobile and tablet support via their website and their downloadable application. It is well made and built to last, just like your next internet relationship should be!

6. ChristianChrush

christiancrush homepage

ChristianChrush is an amazing newly founded website with around 10,000 members on it, mostly centered around Denver, Colorado, USA. So if you’re from Denver, there is no better option for you to go with!

The website offers a two-week free trial period in which you can explore every nook and cranny of this website. No strings attached; no perks hidden from you!

If you don’t like the website, you’re free to leave at any given time, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to stick around. The fee is only about 13USD per month, so it won’t set you back by much.

This website has many things to offer, such as full video calling and messaging even with the free trial. It doesn’t get much better than that. It also helps support the church, as 10% of all profits go towards supporting local churches, ministers, and people in need. What a great way to be humane and find yourself a date!

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7. CMatch

cmatch homepage

CMatch is another addition to the list of free Christian exclusive websites for you to join and try. If it costs nothing, you have nothing to worry about and nothing to lose. So don’t! Of course, if you’ve found your match on here or are just keen to support the website, donation options are always open. Donate, be a good Christian!

Signing up is as simple as pie, and you’re asked numerous questions during the sign-up process. The last one is to describe your private and personal connection with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

All profiles go to moderation after submitting a signup request to make sure there isn’t any funny business going on around this website.

As you can probably guess, CMatch is pretty serious about its nature and does not support any kind of nudity, blasphemy, or disrespectfulness. This is the ultimate measure to take against internet trolls, pesky scammers, and other annoyances.

The website is well moderated and has a very tight-knit and active community. So, if you’re up for a commitment with your dating website, try this one out!

8. OnDaySix

ondaysix homepage

It seems like God created your perfect Christian dating website! OnDaySix is a website created by and catered to Christian singles looking to have a good time with potential new dates, friends, or even find them a marriage proposal from a fine, proper Christian.

It also offers full Apple and Android support, so you can interact with it on the go. Did we mention that it is completely free of charge? That’s right, yet another Christian dating website is free!

OnDaySix offers its users an extremely simple sign up process and a very pleasant user experience. Features are pretty standard, letting you choose what kind of Christian you are, what you’re looking for, and many others.

You also have to verify your gender, to stop the website for accumulating fake profiles and internet scammers.

9. FunkyFish

funkyfishdating homepage

FunkyFish is not a dating website; it’s a community of like-minded individuals where the magic just happens. There is no doubt about it. It’s a European website that operates internationally. It’s also 16+ and has a big member base with 1000 members online at any moment you decide to visit.

It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere used for casual encounters with your possible significant other (you never know)! It’s more of a Christian dating social media site, which is a very good thing!

It offers a wide variety of features such as private and personal blogs, chats, chatrooms, and advanced matching features! It’s also friendly to all kinds of Christians, from Lutherans and Catholics to Baptists, Anglicists, and many others. A must-visit in the Christian dating world!

In a world where dating might be frightening, these wholesome and true websites can offer you an experience like no other. Just stick to your common sense and your faith, and nothing can scare you!

These websites cater to all ages, all demographics, all races, and everyone who shares in the same faith as you. Never forget to practice patience and care. It took God 7 days to make the world, so your relationship will take time to develop into what you want it to be. Care and nurture are very important!

You can use any of these websites to mingle, find and establish friendships, and if you play your cards right, you can land yourself a relationship with a like-minded individual. What’s not to love?

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