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Top 10 Best Gay Dating Sites for Date & Hookup In 2021

Top 10 Best Gay Dating Sites for Date & Hookup In 2021

Gay Dating

While homosexuality has never been excluded from online dating culture since the birth of the internet in the early 21st century, never has it had the number of websites that it does now!

There are millions of dating websites that offer options for homosexuals, but there is a whole other world out there! There is now a myriad of homosexual-exclusive websites, no straights allowed!

Finally, a place where gay men can be gay men, without being ostracized for who they are! Pride movements have forever changed the way we look at homosexuality, and life in general, and they’ve have taught us to support our local homosexual communities.

But this is not about homosexuality. It’s about you! Finding partners in nightclubs can be expensive, straining, and sometimes dangerous!

Luckily for you, with the evolution of the internet came the evolution of dating, and in this list today, we’re going to give you some of the best dating websites for homosexuals the internet has to offer! Let’s get going!

1. OutPersonals

OutPersonals Homepage

Are you looking for a huge, well-built, and strong website to find a potential date? OutPersonals is the website you’re looking for. A long dream of anyone and everyone in the gay community, OutPersonals is not only a dating website but also a place to find your new best friends!

It offers personal blogs, video and text chat, anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of! It’s like a kinky gay Facebook! It has communities for different interests you might have, it’s advanced beyond measurement, and it offers you innumerable filters to find a perfect match just for you!

Once you enter the website, the registration is fairly simple, but you’ll immediately be astounded by the sheer number of possibilities this website has to offer. It even offers a dating magazine where you can earn points to redeem for free months – play to win baby! How cool is that?

2. Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam Homepage

Adam4Adam is not only a dating website. Adam4Adam provides a much-needed service for gay entertainers. It gives them a voice, a platform to express themselves with anything they want. This is a crucial step to gay acceptance in the world and the LGBTQ+ communities, as homosexual men are the single most unrepresented part of it!

Now with that out of the way, it’s raining men! The website itself is stupidly simple to use and navigate, but it does look a little bit outdated. That being said, a classic never gets old!

It is completely free to use, and you get most of the features as soon as you register. There are plenty of useful filters for you to jazz through, such as body size, type, height, and everything you can think of.

It does support mobile, and has actually won an award for the best gay dating app! How many websites can brag about an achievement like that?

3. GayCupid

GayCupid Homepage

GayCupid is one of the websites belonging to the Cupid family. The cupid family offers, without a doubt, the biggest base of dating websites there is! GayCupid is aimed at gay men and offers a professional, simple, and much-needed service that the industry fails to beat!

But don’t worry! If you’re a homosexual woman, GayCupid can also be a place for you, as they don’t discriminate against gender! Its prices are fair, and there are a lot of members.

Its booming community of over 200.000 different members is not the only thing it supports, as it has members from all around the globe, spanning most of Europe and North America! It also has a great support group within that best allows you to express yourself.

It’s not free, but it does offer you a whopping 3-month free trial so you can get to know the inner workings of this website. The registration is simple and easy to complete and has a very vast profile creation tool.

Your profile displays your appearance with the profile picture you choose to upload, and allows you to put in as many details as you like. There are verified badges for verified members and an extremely low number of fake profiles.

It also offers Android support with the GayCupid application. The app is basically the same as the website but does offer some different perks, such as the free chat app that costs a premium on the website. It’s slick, well-designed, and simple. What’s not to love?

4. Manhunt

Manhunt Homepage

No, not the murder simulator Rockstar North Game! Manhunt is a gay online community and dating website that perhaps has one of the most fabulous designs around! It also helps that is has a jaw-dropping user base of over 4 million different active users, with a lot of them active at any given time you decide to mingle!

It also protects your information, as the websites customer support and security is an absolutely top-notch service! It’s a pay-to-use website, but it does allow some freedom with the free version of the website. Let’s face it, no good things come cheap, and no dirty deeds are done for free!

The thing that seals the deal for this site is the messaging system Manhunt uses – it lets even free users send and receive direct messages, and it allows you to save your conversations with your favorite people to revisit them, or even revive them if you feel the need to!

5. Gaydar

Gaydar Homepage

A website with a solid and long history and amazing standing reputation can never be bad? That’s completely right, and coming in at number 7 on our list is Gaydar! Gaydar offers a quick and simple way to find exactly what you’re seeking, from quick and easy flings and chit chats to long-lasting romantic relationships.

Gaydar does offer you a chance to buy a premium account, and like always, it gives tons of perks to paying customers, but that doesn’t leave you, the free customer, out from any of the action!

What sets gaydar apart from most of the other websites that require payment is that a premium account gives perks. That’s right PERKS, not essentials. The website is completely fine and usable with a free account.

Another great feature of this website that is unique to it is its travel search function that allows you to find a potential date wherever you’re traveling. A perfect match was never this easy to find!

Gaydars’s advanced search engine and algorithms match you with people of your preference and choosing, and you can customize and input your preferences with the utmost ease. It’s really that good!

6. OnlyLads

OnlyLads Homepage

Another exclusively male site, as the name itself implies, OnlyLads offers homosexual and bisexual men a place to mingle and converse free of intrusions, prejudice, and judgment! It also offers you the chance to register with your Facebook account if you’re into that, but you can, of course, make a classic clean sheet if you prefer!

There are over one million members on OnlyLads, and there are a lot online at any given time. They are extremely low on dead or inactive accounts, so you’re always sure to find someone located near you to strike up a conversation with. Didn’t we mention that it has geotagging just like Grindr?

The website is gorgeous and always kept up to date, which adds to the overall pleasure of using the website itself. It’s also optimized for smartphones, with a modern mobile website and applications for both Android and IOS, so you can use it on the go if you want.

The best quality of OnlyLads is its whopping low price. Zero dollars to use it at its absolute maximum! I guess there are some good things that come cheap, even free – and one of them is definitely OnlyLads. Offering a free, well-built, and well-populated community like this is a true gem in the LGBTQ+ community.

7. GayFriendFinder

GayFriendFinder Homepage

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GayFriendFinder is one of the first websites in its field. It’s also an absolute pioneer of the gay rights internet movement – hell, even a pioneer of internet dating culture! It’s been around since fire and brimstone, but it doesn’t miss a thing!

It’s great-looking and well-designed, and once you visit the website, you’re sure to find out how it has stayed ahead of the competition for over 20 years!

The website is functional, simple, and very user-friendly, but it’s not free. Another free website that is unusable without payment, which might turn some users off. But, it also turns off fake accounts and scammers, so paying a little bit for your whole future love life might not be that bad, right?

A great feature that reminds a little bit of Grindr is GayFriendFinder’s geotagging feature that allows you to find users from your approximate location, which is extremely useful if you’re looking for a quick hook up!

Most of GayFriendFinder’s user base comes from Europe, so there is something for Europeans too! Too long have we been suffering from North America exclusive websites, but no more! The filtering option is extremely expansive, allowing you to filter from location to age, to even your purpose on the site.

If you’re looking for anything from a hookup to romantic involvement to anything in between, GayFriendFinder is the website for you!

8. AllMale

AllMale Homepage

Yet another gem in the community, AllMale is completely free! Just like a few of the previous entries, there is no charge here! There are absolutely no premium account plans here.

You can pay the website to make yourself pop up more in the search engine, but that’s not a necessity! A free service doesn’t mean a shoddy one, and AllMale is here to prove that rhetoric tenfold!

AllMale functions on an interest-based system, linking you with people who are calm, cool, like-minded and are on the website for similar or the same reasons as you. Whether it’s to find a romantic relationship, a quick and easy hookup or even long-lasting friendships, AllMale has you covered.

It is extremely diverse, with members coming from all different walks of life and places, and you’re sure to have a pleasant experience. It’s fast, smartphone friendly, big and simple to use, what’s not to love about it?

Sadly it does not offer direct messages through the application itself, but it solves this problem by linking your provided email address with your account, so you can mingle and chat with your matches anyplace and anytime. For a free service, the level of detail and comfort here is absolutely astounding!

9. OneScene

OneScene Homepage

OneScene is the first all-inclusive website on this list and the best LGBTQ+ dating website around. Sign up on the website, and you’re greeted with a free premium pass that lasts for 2 weeks. This trial membership has a couple of limiting features, but it doesn’t render the website unusable. Far from it!

OneScene is a place where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, and trans people can mingle in a community of their own, and perhaps find long-lasting relationships.

Setting up your profile is as simple as pie, and you’re required to fill up certain information about yourself to ensure your interests are met and to protect you from potential scammers and fake profiles.

It’s mostly centered in the USA, and it has over 100,000 different members, so there is a big demographic for you to interact with and an amazing, fun, and supportive community for you to be a part of! It’s a well-rounded and professional-looking website that is centered on dating and building quality relationships with like-minded people.

Dating can be frustrating, boring, hard, and unproductive. Online dating makes it daring and fun and might even reignite your passion for it! If you’re looking for places without any stigma, where everyone is welcome and your opinions matter, we sincerely hope that this list has helped you find that place – your place!

The gay community lags behind no other, and even if these websites were mostly advertised to gay men, none of them will discriminate against you or any gender you choose to be! Gender is a spectrum and an expression, and you have every right to express yourself in any way you like!

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