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Top 10 Best Interracial Dating Sites for Black and White Singles

Top 10 Best Interracial Dating Sites for Black and White Singles

Interracial Dating

Are you a single person, looking to try something new or to spice up your personal sex life in a daring and new way? There are many different ways to do so, and interracial dating might be the thing for you! Interracial dating is absolutely nothing new, and in this progressive age, it’s even encouraged! You’re free to do whatever you like.

You’re going to discover a whole set of new things you never knew about yourself! You’re free to open your perspectives and learn about new people and cultures! There is nothing better in the world than acquiring as much knowledge as you can by meeting people of different races and cultures.

The internet dating culture has also been a very important staple of the modern age. There is a platform for basically anyone who is keen on finding any kind of friend or potential partner. From herpes to kinks, why should interracial dating be left out? Lucky for you, it’s not!

We have to admit that America has come a pretty far way in the effort to end racial discrimination. And even though it still has a long way to go, we’re here to give you the nine best interracial dating websites to get you started!

1. InterracialCupid

InterracialCupid Homepage

InterracialCupid is a website that is catered to interracial dating, as its name implies, and it is one of the absolute best around! While no website can offer you a guarantee that you will find yourself a match, this one offers a full refund policy!

Setting up your profile has never been easier than with InterracialCupid, as you can choose to import most of your information directly from your Facebook account. You can, of course, make a whole new account if you choose to, but having this option is a life-saver if you’re willing to link the two together.

It also has an activity log, so the people who have logged in more often are more likely to appear on your potential match list. This helps a lot since dating websites are notorious for inactive users and dead accounts.

There are three types of accounts, free, gold, and platinum, each with different perks available. While not one of the cheapest websites around, it’s platinum account level offers everything from HD audio and video chat, to instant message translation.

2. InterracialMatch

InterracialMatch Homepage

InterracialMatch is a lifesaver if you’re looking to find your interracial partner quickly and easily! It has a very high success rate and is extremely simple to use! From hookups to romantic relationships, InterracialMatch has you covered.

Like with all dating websites, there exists a premium option for those who chose it, but it’s not necessary. You should upgrade to boost your chances of matching with someone though because that’s how it works!

They are very proud of their security too, as they swear by their website that your information is of utmost importance to them! InterracialMatch doesn’t link your profile to search engines or other websites and doesn’t offer your profile picture on their home page as most other competitors do. It’s a great choice if you want to keep your internet dating life on the down low.

While the membership is free, but of much greater value if you decide to upgrade it to premium, InterracialMatch is one of the very rare dating websites that offer a complete refund if you are not satisfied with your service!

Just remember to be polite and write their more than active customer support about why you want your refund, and you’ll be settled in a couple of hours.

3. InterracialDatingCentral

InterracialDatingCentral Homepage

All right, so you’ve decided to give interracial dating a shot? If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to go about it, InterracialDatingCentral is the place for you! If you’re single and ready to mingle with someone exotic or are even looking to find a romantic interest, you’re at the right place.

InterracialDatingCentral offers a very simple outlook and great service with a huge base of different users looking for different things, maybe even you! It’s very simple to sign up to and even simpler to use.

Unlike most dating websites, especially theme-specific ones like this, using InterracialDatingCentral for free doesn’t render the service unusable. Of course, you can always upgrade your account for additional perks, but it’s not a must-have like with most competitors.

Once you’ve made your account, you can set your preferred race, ethnicity, and choose from a bunch of different features and keywords to find yourself a perfect potential match!

What also sets the website from its competitors is its unique online dating coaching and videos to help you along your journey. No one said online dating was simple, but this is as simple as it gets!

4. InterracialPeopleMeet

InterracialPeopleMeet Homepage

Interracialpeoplemeet is an online dating platform and community that offers a wide range of services, such as a very active and thrilling community, and perhaps even the next love of your life.

It has a very tight-knit and loyal member base of around 10k members and is North America exclusive. It offers a wide range of filters form Latinos to Asians, so anything you’re looking for is likely to be found right here!

It’s effortless to sign up and use the platform, and it’s cheaper compared to most of its competition. You do have to upload a valid zip code and profile picture to use this website. Take that as an additional safety feature, as no fake accounts can prosper here. They are also known for deleting dead accounts, so if you’re inactive for a long time beware!

On your profile, you can choose from a lot of questions to virtually as little as humanly possible, depending on how much information you’re willing to give out. You’re able to send flirts, receive them, chat, save your favorite members, and much more.

Paid users get a more deluxe and premium treatment, as they can use direct messaging, have a better-optimized search engine for their potential matches, commenting on photos and many other perks.

5. AfroRomance

AfroRomance Homepage

AfroRomance is a fun, well-made, and interactive dating website. It offers classic and easy-to-use features such as an advanced search algorithm that will be sure to find you a potential date, a vast profile creation page, and a system that works for you, not the other way around.

It is a part of an alliance of websites that include other interracial dating websites like Swirlr and InterracialDatingCentral, which we’ve both covered in this article. Just like the other two websites, this one is fairly well-routed and executed, and should provide you with a simple and pleasurable experience.

What makes this website shine among others is it’s unique an extremely well-routed customer support group. At any given moment, 24/7 there is a live chat with the mods of the website so you can solve any problem you might come across or report any mishaps you may have stumbled upon.

6. WhiteWomenBlackMen

 WhiteWomenBlackMen Homepage

As the name itself implies, this is a website exclusive for white women and black men. WhiteWomenBlackMen offers a simple yet much-needed service, and unlike most of its competition, it offers its services outside of North America – in countries including the UK, Germany, France, and others.

This is an 18+ website, so you should be prepared for some nudity the first time you’re visiting. If you’re looking for a quick hookup rather than a dating opportunity, this website is the right place for you. Registering and using it is simple, and the pricing is more than fair.

It also includes a helpful section that contains many tips and real-life situations of interracial dating, so if you’re opting for another website, this will be a useful read for anyone willing to dabble in interracial internet dating.

7. InterracialRomance

InterracialRomance Homepage

Are you looking to add some fire to your coals? Some chocolate in your vanilla? You’ve come to the perfect place! InterracialRomance is not a hookup site; it’s a site for finding your significant other. It’s a reoccurring theme that the names of these websites offer a bold explanation of its intent, is it not?

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It is a dating platform that vaguely resembles Tinder in its design, and is a simple and fun way to get yourself out there.

It is fully supported on mobile and is pay-to-access. It’s not the cheapest website around, but with its vast user base, it’s worth every penny. It matches you with local singles in your area and has a big filter range for you to choose every little detail you desire.

It offers perhaps the biggest profile detail level of any dating website, with full customization of anything you can think of. It also allows you to restrict and control any aspect of your profile in a manner that would make Facebook’s privacy settings hang their head down in shame!

8. Swirlr

Swirlr Homepage

Are you ready to date differently? Are you ready to try something absolutely new? Look no further – Swirlr is the place for you! It’s the main hub for finding a potential future partner you’re looking for.

With a gorgeous website, Awirlr offers you a free trial to fulfill all of your interracial dating needs. It doesn’t support smartphones and tablets with an application, but its website is so well-optimized that it works great on those too!

It offers a wide range of ethnicities and races, owing to its vast user base, and you’re sure to find someone here if you try hard enough!

9. BlackAndWhiteSingles

BlackAndWhiteSingles Homepage

BlackandWhiteSingles is known as one of the best interracial dating websites around, and for a very good reason! It’s known for its clean outlook and ease of use, and an unmatched price range.

One of the exclusivities of this alluring website is that it offers full video support! This feature is a crucial benefit, as you can both use it to video chat and upload videos to your private profile. It follows a scheme of a dating platform/social media site, so you’re also likely to find your new best friend on here!

It also offers a Trip Connect search that is exclusive and unique to this website. It connects you with people who are traveling to the same destination as you are. It’s pretty simple to use – you just need to add places you’re visiting and which days you’d be willing to meet with another member from the website. And if you click, you’re done!

10. InterracialPassions

InterracialPassions Homepage

InterracialPassions is one of the oldest interracial dating websites around, but a classic is always a classic. Featuring a design that really could use some makeup, the website itself is surprisingly well-made and easy to use.

It is pretty darn cheap, with a month’s rate coming in at about 6 USD. Like its design, the features are pretty basic. It offers you the chance to give out basic information about yourself and receive the same information back from other people.

The best feature of this website is its internal emailing system, protecting your email address from annoying bots and spam, and potential hackers. It’s also absolutely free, offering most of the perks upon a quick registration process.

Despite its outdated appearance, it does offer you the possibility of uploading and viewing videos and following people who uploaded them. You also have the blog perk on this website, allowing you to create your own blog or view the blogs of others to find your perfect interracial match!

These were only some of the dating websites that might fill your needs for interracial dating. The fun thing about interracial dating is the thrill itself. But there is no need to worry! There are plenty of online manuals and instructions to make your time as easy and as pleasurable as possible, some of these websites even offer their own personal advice to your problems.

Never forget common courtesy and etiquette, as you’re going to chat with real people – always be respectful to your fellow man or woman. Be cool, calm, and collected, and you’ll be dating in no time!

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